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North West Geography

This Journal is radically different in being a free e-journal; there is absolutely no charge to view or download articles.

North West Geography publishes articles on the north west of England for academics, teachers and students of geography.

North West Geography is published twice yearly, and once accepted, articles will be published as soon as possible.

We are happy to receive:

  • Research Papers. Scholarly contributions to geographic knowledge on the north west of England.
  • Education and Resources. Resources for education, teaching and project work in north west of England.
  • Reviews. Reviews of books, maps and films, and comment on previous articles.
  • North West in Maps. Annotated views of the north west through maps.

Research Papers may be submitted anonymously to independent referees.

Manuscripts should conform with the instructions in the Notes for Contributors.

Authors alone are responsible for the opinions expressed and statements made in their articles.

Editorial Team

Dr Cathy Delaney (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Managing Editor

Dr Martin Dodge (University of Manchester)
Assistant Editor

Production Team

Nick Scarle (University of Manchester)
Graphic Design

Graham Bowden

North West Geography is the latest version of the journal of the Manchester Geographical Society. Its predecessors were:
Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society, 1885-1962
The Manchester Geographer, 1980-1993
The North West Geographer, 1997-2000

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