Manchester Geographical Society

North West Geographer Centenary Edition

Articles reprinted from the Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society 1884 - 1984


T.W. Freeman, The Manchester Geographical Society 1884-1984 (PDF, 124KB).


(1885) J.F. Hutton, Inaugural Address to the Society. H.M. Stanley, Central Africa and the Congo Basin (PDF, 7293KB).

(1888) W. Sherratt, Water Supply to Large Towns (PDF, 3455KB).

(1889) Prince Krapotkin, What Geography Ought to Be (PDF, 557KB).

(1890) H.J. Mackinder, On the Necessity of Thorough Teaching in General Geography as a Preliminary to the Teaching of Commercial Geography (PDF, 1889KB).

(1890) Various authors, Nyasaland and African Exploration (PDF, 2558KB).

(1891) B. Dawkins, The Channel Tunnel (PDF, 884KB).

(1896) W.B. Tracy, The Manchester Ship Canal (PDF, 6387KB).

(1901) P. Geddes, Geography at the Paris Exhibition (PDF, 966KB).

(1910) R.E. Peary, How I reached the Pole (PDF, 1038KB).

(1911) B.T. Leech The Panama Canal (PDF, 4731KB).

(1912) R. Amundsen, The Norwegian South Polar Expedition (PDF, 4073KB).

(1920) J. McFarlane, The Map of Europe as Affected by the War (PDF, 4718KB).

(1927) H.W. Ogden, The Geographical Basis of the Lancashire Cotton Industry (PDF, 4323KB).

(1935) G.H. Tupling, Old Manchester (PDF, 4784KB).

(1952-4) T.N.L. Brown, The Manchester Society of Commercial Geography (PDF, 1824KB).

(1962) H.B. Rodgers, The Suburban Growth of Victorian Manchester (PDF, 3511KB).