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The Manchester Geographer 1980-1993


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Articles reprinted from the Manchester Geographer, Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society 1980-1993

Articles are available as individual downloads in PDF (Portable Document Format).
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(1980) M. D. Leigh, The Manchester Geographical Society 1884-1979 (PDF 2610KB).

(1980) D.W. Shimwell, Images of the Peak District, A.D. 1150-1950 (PDF 6680KB).

(1982) S. Kenny, The location and organisation of the early Lancashire cotton industry: a systems approach (PDF 6050KB).

(1985) Lord Hunt, An address given on the occasion of the Manchester Geographical Society's Centennial Lunch (PDF 1016KB).

(1985) A.D.M. Phillips, Settlement patterns in Staffordshire in the late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (PDF 5310KB).

(1987) N. Burton, Leisure in the City: The entertainment sector in the Manchester Central Business District, 1770-1930 (PDF 4320KB).

(1988) B. Rodgers, The face of central Manchester: Architecture in a Victorian City (PDF 2760KB).

(1989) T. Kennedy, Who built Chorlton? The development of a late Victorian suburb (PDF 4900KB).

(1993) M. Busteed and R. Hodgson, Angel Meadow: A study of the geography of Irish settlement in mid-nineteenth Century Manchester (PDF 6690KB).

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