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Volume 2, Number 1, 2002

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Exploring an imperial region: North West England

This paper considers the significance of geographical scale in the analysis of imperialism, making some suggestions for regional geographies of imperialism, and developing these with reference to themes and data sources relevant to the North West of England, and to a series of preliminary case studies undertaken by local geography students. The paper will interest those seeking to understand relationships between imperialism and the region, and to plan specific research projects concerned with imperialism in the English North West.

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Soil crusts in the Molopo Basin, Southern Africa

Biological soil crusts are a common feature of many dryland soils. The cyanobacteria and algae that make up the crusts can fix atmospheric nitrogen and sequester carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. Crusts, therefore, have an important role in nutrient cycling as well as erosion control. This paper provides the first evidence of widespread biological soil crusts in the Molopo Basin on the southern margins of the Kalahari. The crusts appear to be more resistant to disturbance than those reported elsewhere and are able to thrive despite a relatively high vascular plant cover.

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Remote sensing of upland peat erosion in the southern Pennines

The severe erosion of upland peat bog in the southern Pennines is a major environmental problem that requires mapping and monitoring at regular intervals. This paper presents preliminary results from an investigation of the use of hyperspectral remotely sensed data to provide quick and accurate information on peat extent and type. Both image classification and correlation analysis between reflectance and peat characteristics were investigated; promising images of both peat type and degree of humification were produced. The results from this ongoing study suggest that hyperspectral remote sensing offers an efficient and valuable tool in mapping and monitoring upland habitats.

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The North West in Maps
Thomas Donald’s map of Cumberland, 1774

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‘Manchester’ by Clare Hartwell

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