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Volume 1, Number 1, 2001

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Representing regional life:
the place discourses of Granada Tonight

This paper analyses a regional news bulletin in order to illustrate the ways in which media discourse may contribute to popular understandings about place and social relations. Initially then, the programme Granada Tonight is shown to buy into dominant and conventional discourses about North West ‘reality’ and, as such, reaffirm the historical ‘othering’ of North West culture in the regional and national psyche. However, the same text is then shown to be the site for resistant or oppositional ideas that undermine conventional discourse and encourage a more pro-active North West political culture.

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Recreational users of Lake District bridleways:
conflict or camaraderie?

In recent years the use of upland British bridleways has increased. It has been suggested that conflicts exist between the ‘new’ user group of mountain bikers and more ‘traditional’ users, and that the presence of mountain bikers denudes the sense of wilderness for which many traditional users visit upland areas. This study investigates the extent and type of conflict between different users on upland bridleways in the Lake District. Through semi-structured interviews it is found that rather than ‘getting away from everything’, the presence of like minded ‘outdoor’ people is an important element of many peoples’ enjoyment of upland bridleways, and that this camaraderie can overcome user group differences.

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"I shall never return to Hibernia’s bowers"
Irish migrant identities in early Victorian Manchester

This paper interrogates the text of five broadside ballads dealing with Irish concerns in early Victorian Manchester. By way of introduction, there will be a discussion of the significance of soundscapes in Geography, with particular reference to Political Geography. The origin and nature of broadside ballads will then be examined and the history and geography of Irish migrant settlement in Manchester discussed. Five recurring themes which emerge from a ballad collection printed in the city will be analysed, and it will be argued that they reveal a people caught between two contrasting culture worlds.

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Reconstructing the history of heavy metal pollution in the southern Pennines from the sedimentary record of reservoirs: methods and preliminary results

Although the southern Pennine uplands have experienced industrially derived heavy metal pollution for almost two hundred years, an historical analysis of its depositional record has not yet been undertaken. The area has no natural lakes but has many reservoirs, and despite the potential for sediment disturbance due to fluctuating water levels, reservoir sediments can be used as a record of heavy metal pollution. A methodology for the selection of reservoirs with undisturbed sedimentary records, and the verification of sediment stratigraphy is proposed. Preliminary results of metal analysis from the Howden reservoir indicate trace metal contamination with Zn > Pb > Cr > Ni = Cu.

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The influence of the Gay Village on migration to central Manchester

Contemporary migration into city centres is linked to redevelopment, gentrification and changing lifestyles. The population of Manchester’s city centre had fallen to only 800 in 1991, but had increased sixfold by 1999. A survey of single male households in the city centre suggested that about one quarter of the households are headed by gay males. Most of these males are young, arrived in the 1990s, and were attracted by the Gay Village. A further one quarter of the households are headed by ‘straight’ males who have many similar characteristics. However, both these groups are different from the pre-existing population of the city centre. This movement of young males to the city centre is seen as a pioneer migration, in which the role of gay men is significant.

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The North West in Maps
Ordnance Survey One Inch Maps:
Rossendale 1895

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